Controlgear Newsletter January 2015

Controlgear Shutdown Party 2014

Hello 2015 .....

Lets make everyday of this year like its our last 

Controlgear would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and the best for 2015.

The importance of this newsletter is to notify the industry of our commitments and capabilities. We are currently expanding our staff compliment by employing highly skilled estimators / project managers and software engineers, and these appointments will soon be made public knowledge and published on future newsletters.

By now the industry should be aware of Controlgear's competence as a panel builder, and for any references please don't hesitate to contact Barry Coetzee. His email is barry [at] controlgear [dot] co [dot] za (subject: System%20Integration%20Request)


As previously mentioned in our November 2014 Newsletter, Barry Coetzee is now a majority shareholder of Instramac CC, and for any industrial software engineering requirements please contact him, his email is barry [at] controlgear [dot] co [dot] za (subject: System%20Integration%20Request)

As always, Controlgear always pushes to give our "Products" customers the best possible service. We are continuously developing our Enterprise Resource Planning software to optimise the speed to which we deliver our products to customers. We have a very strong sales and logistics team, and thanks to the ambitious drive of newly recruited sales members like Abdul Joda, we have done extremely well recently. Please send any product related enquiries to abdul [at] controlgear [dot] co [dot] za (subject: Switchgear%20Request) . (Please click on the link to see his profile on the Controlgear Facebook Page: link AJ)

For further information please contact Controlgear on +27 (0) 11 907 1016.


Good luck for 2015.