Controlgear Newsletter April 2015

Furnace Control Panel 6.6KV

Engineering Excellence

Controlgear is definitely "the new kid on the block"


In the last few months Controlgear received a few interesting orders for the design, manufacture, supply and automation of small turnkey electrical projects. Evidence that Controlgear has been recognised for their engineering capabilities.


One of the orders included the design, manufacture, supply and automation of a withdrawable MCC, DB and PLC Panel in a Purpose Built E-House. This project gave Controlgear and Instramac, an opportunity to develop a first class control system which will be integrated into an existing DCS. 

This control system is a stand-alone PLC panel (installed in the E-House), featuring the ABB AC800M PLC, distributed I/O, UMC100 Smart Motor Management Controllers and an HMI.

This solution is chosen to best suit the customer's requirements whereby the stand-alone unit is of DCS standard, from the hardware, the function blocks, the control, and even the HMI graphics; but in the end being a cost effective solution. 

All development was done using ABB Compact Control Builder V.5.1 for the PLC code, and Panel Builder 800 v.5.1 for the HMI. However, Controlgear is capable of providing you with a turnkey solution for your plant that is competent with V.6.1. 

Again we have two new employee profiles to share this month. These individuals have to deal with elements in business that needs unique attention, hence why they are so valuable to Controlgear.


Sherill Connoway has now been the receptionist at Controlgear for almost nine years. The industry Controlgear operates in is very unforgiving, and Sherill has a tough task of keeping the customers happy whilst on hold, because the sales team receive call after call. Anytime you call Controlgear and hear the kind lady on the phone, well now you know her name. (Please click on the link to see her profile on the Controlgear Facebook Page: link_SC)


Natasja Westerberg has been employed for almost 6 months, and she is doing a fantastic job at expediting all our orders from suppliers. At this point I am sure all our suppliers know Natasja, because she does not like late deliveries, and she does not accept long lead times. (Please click on the link to see her profile on the Controlgear Facebook Page: link_NW)

Please see some reference links below for recent panel pictures! For more info please email barry [at] controlgear [dot] co [dot] za (subject: Panel%20Building%20Enquiry%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank)


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